Ignition by Soul Curry Art

Ignition by Soul Curry Art

Soul Curry Art

Artist bio

Working from her studio in Montreal, Canada, Ishita is a very successful multidisciplinary artist & modern Cubist. Her work intersects the worlds of non-traditional portraiture & conceptual Cubism. Through her vivid, bold art, she strives to give tangible forms to complex emotions like love, longing & loss within the overlaps of human relationships.

About the artwork
That place of fire, of warmth and strength, that brews with a ferocity, Ignition is about being bold, about sparks of joy and creative freedom. Like the richness of deep violet tones in contrast with the warm citrus, ignition is about a journey of being brave while reflecting inwards, foe your most profound power. A juxtaposition of contrasts, of looking into spaces out of the ordinary and following what sets your soul on fire. Inspired by my deep love for coffee and the powerful pull of human interrelationships.

Artist’s choice of coffee
Organic Bolivia Fair Trade

  • Roast: Medium 
  • Process: Washed
  • Notes: Black Cherry, Brown Sugar, & Milk Chocolate
  • 12 oz.

Learn more about Ishita here https://linktr.ee/soulcurryart


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