Game of Coffee by Pixelord

Game of Coffee by Pixelord


Artist bio
Pixelord is an audiovisual artist who took up NFT in 2021, collaborating with a number of popular NFT artists and now creating his own NFT on various platforms.  His unique style combines techniques such as surrealism, pixel art, 3D and AI, so his visuals and sound stand out in any collection. Pixelord sold its first largest collection of GM Punks in 2021, a collection of 303 characters.

He also released many other smaller collections, such as Meta Ravers (characters with music) and GMs on Opensea, as well as 1/1 works on Foundation, most of which sold out. Pixelord has collaborated with several major collections and names in the NFT, such as Mr. Oizo and others. In 2022 he created digital costumes that can be worn by the metaverse, recorded an NFT course, and launched new art collections. In 2023 Pixelord was exhibiting in various NFT and digital art galleries and museums, and showed his work in Beeple studios even

About the artwork
Just as in a game, we navigate through the ups and downs, making choices that impact our experiences and outcomes. Similarly, savoring a cup of coffee can be seen as a moment of pause and reflection within life's larger game, where we appreciate the simple pleasures amidst the complexities of our journey. This artwork serves as a reminder to approach each sip of coffee, and each moment in life, with mindfulness and appreciation for the game we are all playing.

Artist’s choice of coffee
Sumatra Gayo Lues

  • Roast: Light
  • Process: Natural
  • Notes:  Strawberry Jam, Raspberry & Dark Chocolate
  • 12 oz.

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