Art & Coffee

Every Sip Empowers Creators, Nurtures Growers, Unites Communities.



Our groundbreaking initiative seamlessly integrates the vibrant world of artistry with our specialty coffees. This innovative blend not only showcases unique digital art on our coffee bags but also empowers creators, offering them a new canvas to inspire and connect.


Our unwavering commitment to creators is reflected in our industry-leading offer: a 21%+ commission on their respective coffees. Our goal is to foster a community where artists support each other, a vision we bring to life with every coffee purchase.


We offer an exclusive experience with our NFT Airdrops. Customers receive unique artwork NFTs, powered by MAGNETIQ on Flow, mirroring the art on their coffee purchases. These NFTs are more than digital art pieces; they're keys to unlocking a captivating journey with special perks, uniting a community with a shared passion for art & coffee.

What does being a part of this Art & Coffee initiative mean to you?

Combining two of my favorite things, coffee and web3, is such an exciting experience. Artwork brings joy to the lives of many, as does coffee; the combination is perfect.

Amber Vittoria

Seeing my artwork paired with quality coffee alongside other artists I admire feels surreal. To me, coffee and art are both about enjoying a moment of stillness and inner-connection, so this collaboration just felt right. CoinCoffee™ is a brand that genuinely values artists and is able to bring forth the intersection between coffee, art, and blockchain in an exciting and innovative way.

Alyssa Stevens

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Los Angeles, CA

As an artist in the web3 space; having the opportunity to work with brands such as CoinCoffee™ and their Art & Coffee Initiative is an amazing opportunity for me to share my artwork with a broader audience! I believe it's important to always strive for Greatness for the people who believe in you and opportunities like this allow me a chance to show my collectors how passionate I am for my art and story.


Coffee, for me, transcends mere beverage status; it's an intricate thread woven through the fabric of my culture and upbringing, a generational legacy. Its rich aroma has the power to transport me back to languid summers with my grandmother in the Dominican Republic and intimate mornings spent with my mother at the kitchen table. In my world, both art and coffee share a unique quality – they are connectors of people. The synergy between these two elements is profound, and the ability to offer this fusion is nothing short of impactful. With this initiative, my aspiration is to spark meaningful conversations within homes, using the transformative art of dialogue, especially over a cup of coffee, as a catalyst for connection and understanding.

Wildy Martinez

Jumping into the Art & Coffee Initiative with CoinCoffee is really exciting for me. It's a chance to bring my art into a new space where it can spark conversations and maybe even inspire someone's day. It's not just about the coffee; it's about the experience, the community, and connecting over something beautiful.

Pop Wonder