Jaguar's Coffee Break

Jaguar's Coffee Break


Artist bio
POTOS (Pirates Of The Other Sea) NFT collection: A captivating family project, where digital art brings pirates to life! Hold 5 tokens for an exclusive personalized NFT. Immerse yourself in the adventure and uncover hidden treasures of the Other Sea. Be part of the journey!

About the artwork
Embark on a wild coffee break with this hand-drawn, Coffee Bean-Printed Wildcat amidst Costa Rica's jungle, with a background artfully crafted by AI. Playful pirate secrets hide as Markeetox from POTOS creates a delightful masterpiece, blending adventure and amusement in a caffeine-infused escapade.

Artist’s choice of coffee
Costa Rica San Diego Jaguar

  • Roast: Medium
  • Process: Honey
  • Notes: Milk chocolate, orange, red fruit & honey
  • 12 oz.

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