Harmony in a Café

Harmony in a Café

Tatiana Torres

Artist bio
Discover "Hippo Tales" by Tatiana: Art celebrating mindful moments and love. Experience the joy of flexibility and family closeness in captivating scenes like "Harmony in a Café" Cherish life's simple pleasures through heartwarming creations.

About the artwork
Introducing "Harmony in a Café" from our 'Hippo Tales' collection. Radiating joy, a woman shares a coffee break with her friendly hippo in a cozy café amidst warm light and lush plants. Celebrate mindful moments and love through this heartwarming artwork. Embrace the joy of togetherness.

Artist’s choice of coffee
Guatemala La Morena Cubulco

  • Roast: Light
  • Process: Washed
  • Notes: Dark chocolate, caramel & raspberry
  • 12 oz.

Learn more about Tatiana Torres at @TatianaWho on Instagram.

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