Butterfly Cave by Sneketoshi

Butterfly Cave by Sneketoshi


Artist bio
Sneketoshi is an art collector turned AI artist from Nashville. He has enjoyed collecting NFTs and continues to collect but also enjoys creating a variety of AI artworks. His style is randomness and his style is that he has no style

About the artwork

"Butterfly Cave"

Butterflies approach a small tunnel which holds the beginning of a path. A path to where? They must fly to find out but the lights ahead tell us it is a beautiful place where they are heading.

Artist’s choice of coffee
Mexico Catimor

  • Roast: Light
  • Process: Fully Washed
  • Notes: Butterscotch, Green Apple & Tangerine
  • 12 oz.

Learn more about Sneketochi here https://linktr.ee/sneketoshi


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